Koi Fish Chocolate Gift Box (New Year Limited)
Koi Fish Chocolate Gift Box (New Year Limited)

Koi Fish Chocolate Gift Box (New Year Limited)

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  • 100% Made in Hong Kong
  • Selected European high-grade ingredients

"Koi Fish Chocolate Gift Box" is a unique and exquisite

New Year's limited edition chocolate gift box, designed in the shape of a koi fish. This gift box reflects the auspicious symbol of koi in traditional culture and perfectly combines the delicious taste of chocolate with traditional elements.

This gift box contains 6 pieces of 25g chocolate koi. Each chocolate koi is carefully made, using high-quality chocolate raw materials and delicate craftsmanship. Each koi exhibits stunning detail and craftsmanship that will leave you in awe.

Each 25g chocolate koi exudes rich

Chocolate aroma, smooth and delicate taste. When you taste it, you will feel the rich layers and texture of the chocolate, while also experiencing the unique fun of the koi shape. This gift box is not only a delicious treat, but also a gift that means good luck and good luck for the future.

"Koi Fish Chocolate Gift Box" is a perfect gift. As a New Year's gift or as a blessing to relatives and friends, it can bring unique surprises and joy. This gift box not only shows the pursuit of delicious food, but also reflects the blessing for a better future. Let us welcome a bright future together in the new year and taste happiness and good luck!

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Best to store in cool and dry environment of 18-20 degrees Celcius. If temperature is high in Summer, it is better to place the chocolates in the fridge. After taking the chocolates out from the fridge, place them in room temperature for a while before eating.

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