100% Made in Hong Kong

Adhere to Hong Kong made. Designed in Hong Kong, selected European raw materials are shipped to Hong Kong, and handmade by Hong Kong chocolate chefs

Raw materials imported from Europe

Select a variety of chocolate raw materials imported from Europe, adhere to strict quality control, and create the signature series "Emotional Collection" of "10 flavors x 10 moods" through different combinations of ingredients, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and mixed.

Famous designer in Hong Kong conceives packaging

Designer Tommy Li Yongquan has won more than 580 awards in recent years and has the reputation of "Brand Doctor". Unique design style, famous for black humor and visual boldness. In 2007, he was awarded the Golden Pencil Award of The One Show in New York, which is known as the "Oscar of the design industry". In 2008, he was selected as the world's outstanding Chinese and other honors.

ChocoNext Mooncake Box (Lava Mooncake+Cookies+Tea)

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2024 月餅禮盒20件裝 =

流心月餅】+手工曲奇】+H&F BELX 無咖啡因博士茶】


1️⃣ 流心月餅3個:

  • 流心奶黃月餅x1

  • 流心朱古力月餅x1

  • 流心咖啡月餅x1

2️⃣ 手工曲奇12塊:

  • 咖啡曲奇x6

  • 芝麻曲奇x6

3️⃣ 日本品牌 H&F BELX 無咖啡因博士茶:

  • 香印水果茶博士茶包x5 👈🏻 最暢銷水果博士茶

→ 了解更多 H&F BELX 


請存放在乾爽及陰涼處。建議打開月餅的包 裝袋後,請存放於雪櫃內。


進食前請先除去所有包裝,再以微波爐 (1000W)加熱約3-5秒,味道更佳。加熱時間可因應 微波爐火力及個人口感喜好而調整。


8月15日或之前預訂ChocoNext 2024 月餅禮盒,可獲早鳥7折優惠$238/盒(原價:$340)



凡預購滿10盒ChocoNext 2024 月餅禮盒,即可獲免費運送服務一次



每預購滿5盒ChocoNext 2024 月餅禮盒,可免費獲得2包ChocoNext朱古力脆片(黑朱古力脆片/藍山咖啡朱古力脆片/黑芝麻朱古力脆片)



每預購滿10盒ChocoNext 2024 月餅禮盒,免費送你1個H&F BELX原裝玻璃瓶一個


2024年8月22日起 會按訂單次序發貨。送貨時間為星期一至五 1000-1900。

如客人想指定日期收到商品,請下單時留言或8月16日之前WhatsApp +852 94075813告知我們,我們會盡力配合。


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