100% Made in Hong Kong

Adhere to Hong Kong made. Designed in Hong Kong, selected European raw materials are shipped to Hong Kong, and handmade by Hong Kong chocolate chefs

Raw materials imported from Europe

Select a variety of chocolate raw materials imported from Europe, adhere to strict quality control, and create the signature series "Emotional Collection" of "10 flavors x 10 moods" through different combinations of ingredients, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, and mixed.

Famous designer in Hong Kong conceives packaging

Designer Tommy Li Yongquan has won more than 580 awards in recent years and has the reputation of "Brand Doctor". Unique design style, famous for black humor and visual boldness. In 2007, he was awarded the Golden Pencil Award of The One Show in New York, which is known as the "Oscar of the design industry". In 2008, he was selected as the world's outstanding Chinese and other honors.


Moody Sleeping Volcano Chocolate Gift Box
GLEE Sleeping Volcano Chocolate Gift Box
Complex Sleeping Volcano Chocolate Gift Box

Tea-Chinese and Western Japanese

【Western Tea】Black Tea & Earl Gray Tea Chocolate Gift Box
【Japanese Tea】Matcha & Hojicha Chocolate Gift Box
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【Chinese Tea】Dahongpao & Tieguanyin Chocolate Gift Box

Other boxed chocolate

Dark Chocolate Gift Box
Sold Out
Quinoa & Macadamia Chocolate Gift Box
Sold Out
Smoked Cookies Chocolate Gift Box

Pure Dark Chocolate-Bean to Bar

Tanzania 80% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar
Madagascar 80% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar
Venezuela 75% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar
Mexico 70% Pure Dark Chocolate Bar
ChocoNext 朱古力corporate gift 商業禮品訂製

Customized chocolate|Collaboration with many well-known brands

Corporate Gift

We provide customers with tailor-made gift-giving solutions, each gift is unique and different, and will definitely let your business partners or customers remember your brand deeply during the festival. At the same time, prepare a gift for employees to reward them
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