Customized Chocolate

Corporate gift first choice

Customized gift boxes have been completed for hundreds of enterprises and institutions

We provide customers with tailor-made gift-giving solutions, each gift is unique and different, and will definitely let your business partners or customers remember your brand deeply during the festival. At the same time, prepare a gift for employees to reward them

Cooperate with famous brands

We customized thousands of chocolates for the famous luxury jewelry brand - Tiffany & Co. for Christmas. Under the experienced operation of the chocolate master, coupled with the perfect production process and packaging, after receiving feedback from customers, they are very satisfied with the finished product.

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Customized 25th Anniversary Gifts

China Mobile Hong Kong has officially provided services to Hong Kong citizens for 25 years. Constant innovation and change, leading customers from 2G network to 5G new era. On this important milestone, China Mobile Hong Kong has customized a new taste of chocolate - TRY in ChocoNext.

  • Build Mutural Trust
  • Undertake Our R esponsibility
  • Care for Y ou

ChocoNext blends TRY culture and carefully matches it to create a brand new taste experience!


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Made in Hong Kong

Selected European raw materials|Quality Assurance

Won the Best Food Packaging Design Award

Won the Best Food Packaging Design Merit Award in the first "Hong Kong Belt and Road International Food Exhibition" hosted by Hengyang Exhibition Planning Co., Ltd.

One-stop packaging product design

The one-stop OEM process has professional planning from formulation, proofing and packaging material discussion, regulatory approval, packaging design, and product design

strict quality control

All food materials are provided by designated suppliers. The materials are selected to be of high quality, and strict quality regulations are followed. The food is hygienically processed and cooked to ensure food safety and hygiene

Hong Kong handmade chocolate brand

The brand packaging was conceived by Tommy Li, a Hong Kong brand design master. In recent years, it has won more than 580 awards, including but not limited to the British Design and Art Directors Association, the Hong Kong Designers Association’s Global Design Award, and the Hong Kong Design Center’s Asia’s Most Influential Design Award , New York Art Directors Association Annual Award, New York Golden Pencil Award and Tokyo Art Directors Association Annual Award, etc.


Years of customization experience

We can provide free professional packaging advice based on individual cases of customers, and we can also follow the design proposals provided by customers to meet customer expectations and complete them quickly and properly. Our professional team will work hard to handle


The first choice for corporate holiday gifts

We have completed customized gift boxes for hundreds of companies or institutions, and are committed to providing the best quality gifts to each customer. From gift design to production and delivery, professional one-stop service


Professional team support

We have professional talents, ideal production environment and sufficient facilities to meet different types of processing, assembly and packaging requirements. And our experienced team will implement strict quality control to ensure high-quality caring service.

Customized Cookies Gift Box

Farewell Gift

Customized farewell gift box specially made for your, with exquisite packaging. Each handmade cookies are individually packaged, combined with personalized design, making it an absolutely unique gift.
Customised Gift Box

Handmade Palmier Gift Box

Corporate gifting, customized palmier & almond bar gift box, with each piece individually packaged. Customers can choose the color of the gift box and add the brand logo to showcase the company's style.