The gift box won the design gold award

It won the Gold Award in Packaging and Printing for its simple and simple design without fancy luxury.

Coupled with bronzing and embossed fonts, it sets off the products with a simple style and makes the whole more textured. It also caters to the trend of environmental protection and simplicity in the modern packaging market.

香港手工朱古力ChocoNext 煙燻曲奇 片裝朱古力禮盒

Smoked Cookies Chocolate Gift Box

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The taste of quinoa is slightly nutty, and it tastes great when paired with crispy, tender and delicious macadamia nuts. Macadamia nuts are edible nuts with the highest quality in the world. They have a unique buttery aroma and are known as the "Queen of Dried Fruits" and "King of Nuts in the World".