Perfect Combination

Chocolate Crispy Dried Fruit

"Taste the perfect combination, enjoy the perfect combination of chocolate and fruit crunch! Our chocolate fruit is crispy with rich and mellow chocolate and selected high-quality dried fruit, so that you can release your happiness one bite at a time. It is suitable for any occasion, whether it is As a casual snack, or as a gift to friends. Experience the wonderful combination of chocolate fruit and crisp immediately!"

香港手工朱古力ChocoNext 草莓脆脆朱古力

Dried Crispy Strawberry

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Strictly select good varieties of strawberries. The combination of raw strawberries with moderate sweetness and sourness mixed with white chocolate is undoubtedly a magic touch. It exudes the natural fruity aroma of strawberries, and the taste is crisp and tender. The tip of the palate.

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