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Strictly select the top European materials, each has a unique taste and characteristics, bringing an unparalleled taste experience when tasting. The new scented tea chocolate contains four distinct flavors. Rose, jasmine chamomile, and osmanthus chocolate are covered with floral flowers on the surface. The melt-in-the-mouth chocolate is paired with a mellow outer layer. The taste is delicate and smooth, and the wonderful layers are unforgettable.

Blooming riches and honor (12 pieces)


Rose: The smell is very fragrant, refreshing, like a lover's breath lingering on the nose, making people intoxicated.

Jasmine Chamomile: The aroma is strong but not overwhelming, fragrant and long-lasting, with a refreshing fragrance. Coupled with the faint sweetness of chamomile, the fragrance stays in the mouth for a long time.

Osmanthus: The aroma of osmanthus has a happy taste, with ripe apricot flavor mixed with a sweet aroma similar to black tea, and there are some subtle leather aromas in the aftertaste. Luscious, soft, rich and delicious.

Four Seasons Spring: Bright and golden brown in color, exudes a fragrance similar to gardenia, smooth and mild in the mouth, sweet and mellow in the mouth

Eight Star Annunciation (24 pieces)

Tieguanyin|Big Red Rope|Rosebuds|Chamomile|Pu'er|Dragon Well|Osmanthus|Sijichun

Tieguanyin: strong and mellow flavor, smooth orchid fragrance in the mouth, slightly astringent and sweet, with a pure and weak fruit sour taste.

Dahongpao: The taste is mellow and sweet, smooth and refreshing, the color is orange, and it has a special rock rhyme.

Pu-erh: After time precipitation, the unique fragrance transformed is the most charming, and the mouthfeel is smooth, smooth and mellow.

Longjing: The fragrance is high and fresh, and the taste is sweet. It is characterized by fragrant and mellow leaf, not strong feeling, it should be tasted carefully and sipped slowly

Conceived by Hong Kong Renowned Designer

The packaging was designed by Tommy Li, a renowned brand designer in Hong Kong, and has won more than 580 awards in recent years, such as "Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Award", "New York Art Directors Association Annual Award", "Tokyo Art Directors Association Annual Award", etc.

Gift box packaging won the design gold award

It won the Gold Award in Packaging and Printing for its simple and simple design without fancy luxury. Coupled with bronzing and embossed fonts, it sets off the products with a simple style and makes the whole more textured.

strict quality control

All food materials are provided by designated suppliers. The materials are selected to be of high quality, and strict quality regulations are followed. The food is hygienically processed and cooked to ensure food safety and hygiene

100% Made in Hong Kong

Made in Hong Kong. Designed in Hong Kong, the chocolates are handmade by Hong Kong chocolatiers after selected European raw materials are delivered to Hong Kong.

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