Tea Chocolate Gift Box

Tea Chocolate Gift Box

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  • 100% Made in Hong Kong
  • Selected European high-grade ingredients

 A box of eight flavors of tea chocolate, all handmade in Hong Kong!

"Chinese tea", "Western tea", "Japanese tea" total of 24 pieces of tea-flavored chocolate.


"Chinese tea"

1/Tieguanyin : The taste is strong and mellow, with a smooth orchid aroma in the mouth, slightly astringent but sweet, and with a pure and weak fruity sour taste.

2/Dahongpao : The taste is mellow and sweet, smooth and refreshing, the color is orange, and it has a special rock charm.

3/Pu'er : After time precipitation, the unique aroma is the most charming, and the taste is smooth, smooth, and mellow.

4/Longjing : The aroma is fresh and refreshing, and the taste is sweet. The characteristic is that the fragrant leaves are mellow, not overpowering, and should be savored carefully and sipped slowly.


"Japanese tea"

5/Hojicha: Rich aroma, with roasted aroma and nutty flavor, thick and sweet taste.

6/Matcha: A type of green tea with a strong grassy aroma and a strong taste, with a slightly bitter and sweet taste.


"Western tea"

7/Earl: Rich citrus aroma, subtle citrus flavor, smooth taste with a touch of sweetness.

8/Black tea: It has a strong tea aroma and the unique malt aroma of black tea, with a mellow taste and a slightly bitter taste.


Best to store in cool and dry environment of 18-20 degrees Celcius. If temperature is high in Summer, it is better to place the chocolates in the fridge. After taking the chocolates out from the fridge, place them in room temperature for a while before eating.

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