ChocoNext x LoveBite

Handmade brand and preserved flower gift box

Two local handmade brands join forces

CHOCONEXT X LOVEBITE has received great acclaim since the launch of the Valentine's Day limited gift box. Therefore, the regular theme of "Precious One" is launched, and a new gift option is also provided. We once again tailor-made themed gift boxes for you according to different festivals, which are ingenious.

ChocoNext的永生花朱古力禮盒-Purple haze
寶石酒紅 Ruby Wine 大紅玫瑰永生花朱古力禮盒3

Handcrafted brand ingenuity

There are six different colors of preserved flowers in the gift box
- Candles scented with wild bluebells
- ChocoNext signature chocolate

The unchanging preserved flowers symbolize the eternal and unchanging love. Put on the fragrance of flowers, just like being in a sea of blooming flowers. This is not only a gift, but also a promise.

Choose a box of handmade chocolate

Available styles are as follows:

Glee, Moody, Dark Chocolate, Chinese Tea Collection, Japanese Tea Collection, Western Tea Collection, Smoky Cookies, Vegan, Sugar-free

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 sorry
永生花禮盒主題貼紙 thank you

Comes with themed stickers and small lights

The preserved flower arrangement on each gift box is designed by LoveBite and matched by hand, and it is accompanied by small lights, stickers with corresponding themes and small balloons to show your thoughtfulness.

You can also entrust us to write a special sentence on the card for you, accompanied by preserved flowers. From sight, smell to taste, add a special imprint to your memories.

*More types of stickers can be viewed at the end of the page

Twinkle Eternal Cavier

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With pale green, beige and white as the main colors, the pale green rose represents simplicity and unchanging love.

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With lavender, pink and white as the main colors, purple-blue roses represent noble temperament, prudent and precious love.

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Sunset warm yellow SUNDRESS

With milky yellow, light green and white as the main colors, yellow roses represent friendship and good wishes, as well as "waiting love".

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Ruby wine red RUBY WINE

With red, pink and coral as the main colors, the red rose represents "I love you" and the truest deep love in the heart.

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Cream Peach PEACH WHIP

With pink, light coral and white as the main colors, pink roses represent gratitude, touch, flowing and tender love

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Galaxy snow gray SILVER CLOUD

With gray silver, cocoa light brown and white as the main colors, gray silver rose represents a unique and special existence.

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Twelve themed stickers

Valentine Special|Congratulation|Fabulous|Happy Birthday|New Born|Thank You|Sorry


Valentine Special

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Congratulation

Congratulations (A)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Congratulation

Congratulations (B)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Fabulous


永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Happy Birthday

Happy birthday

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Happy Birthday for boy

Happy birthday (Boy)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Happy Birthday for girl

Happy birthday (girl)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 New Born for boy

New Born (boy)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 New Born for girl

new born (girl)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 thank you

Thank you

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 Sorry A

Sorry (A)

永生花禮盒主題貼紙 sorry

Sorry (B)

The days are small and repeated, but they are all happiness

The best gift is the expected warmth and unexpected surprise, falling into beauty and overflowing with tenderness.

About Preserved Flower

The so-called preserved flowers or preserved flowers on the market are actually the same flower species. They are all made of real roses, using a special preservation solution to replace the water and nutrients in the plants, so that the plant tissues can be preserved for a long time without watering.

It is almost the same as fresh flowers in terms of vision and touch, and can last for 1-2 years in a suitable environment.

Preserved flowers are prone to dust if they are placed for a long time. You can blow the dust away. When removing dust, you should adjust the wind of the hair dryer to the minimum and use cold wind. Keep the distance 20cm away from the flowers and gently blow off the dust.

No need to water, it is advisable to use a cool place indoors, avoid direct sunlight; avoid placing in an environment that is too humid or too dry

Do not place it outdoors, place it carefully in a high place, and do not place it upside down

Do not touch, pull and squeeze preserved flower petals or flowers frequently