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Belgium Chocolate Chips

The ingredients of the chocolate is Belgium chocolate, which only contains pure cocoa butter and does not contain other vegetable oils or artificial flavours.

Exquisite technology and extraordinary creativity have made the beloved chocolate.

Blue Mountain Coffee Chocolate Crisps (Bag)
Dark Chocolate Crisps (Bag)
Black Sesame Chocolate Crisps (Bag)
Raspberry Chocolate Crisp

The Gold Standard of Belgian Chocolate

1) Each chocolate uses only 100% high-quality cocoa butter and other natural raw materials imported from Belgium, without any additives or preservatives. We master the perfect production time and careful production process, and produce in limited quantities every day to ensure that we provide customers with the freshest and safest chocolate.

2) Handmade, adhering to the traditional Belgium chocolate process, following the workshop-style hand-made manufacturing, and constantly developing new products with different tastes and shapes, so that customers can enjoy the top-level delicious chocolate made by the chocolate master himself.

3) Nobleness from Belgium—Continuing to use the highest quality cocoa butter and other raw materials, production techniques, molds and production ingredients imported from Belgium is our insistence on product quality and our commitment to respecting customers in pursuit of high quality.

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