Yahoo News: ChocoNext Valentine's Day Limited Coupon Gift Box

No girls can resist the charm of flowers! This Valentine's Day, LOVE BITE and ChocoNext have launched a limited-edition gift box of 500 copies. When the other half experiences multiple senses of sight, taste and smell, it will tell you a different kind of love! The Valentine’s Day limited joint gift box is decorated with preserved flowers featuring roses, and there are two color options, Purple Haze with lavender, pink and white as the main colors, and Purple Haze with light purple. Moonlight Jade is mainly green, creamy yellow and white. The macaron pink is pink and dreamy, and the 9 flowers also imply longevity and firmness, which has a special meaning!

In addition, the packaging details of the joint gift box are also infused with warm ingenuity. The hidden drawer design contains chocolates and candles, allowing you to feel happiness from the food and aroma. White chocolate is specially selected for the Valentine's Day limited joint gift box, which doubles the sweetness. The Valentine's Day limited flavors are also carefully matched, which are white peach raisin and blueberry cheese, creating a different delicious experience.