Magical 睡火山朱古力禮盒(聖誕特別版)

Magical 睡火山朱古力禮盒(聖誕特別版)

「Magical 睡火山朱古力聖誕禮盒」中含以下口味:


蘋果肉桂 Apple Cinnamon 

The smooth creamy white chocolate provides the perfect backdrop to the outburst of the spicy cinnamon, complicated by the tartness of green apple peel only for those who taste it to the utmost details.

合桃法式蛋卷 French Walnut Rolls

The bitter savory note of dark chocolate assembled with the tangy walnut flavor.While the thin layered French rolls provides a crispy bite that lightens up the pronounced chocolaty taste.

杏仁曲奇 Almond Cookie

The sweet nutty flavor chocolate goes harmoniously with the buttery cookie base note. A delicate vanilla hint finishes with roundness and finesse.

玄米茶 Genmaicha

Toasted grain aroma with a light floral note reinterpret the chocolate flavor to a new horizon.The roasted tea fragrance imparts a subtle yet savory tone in every bite.

雜莓 Merry Berries

The vibrant acidulous punch of the mixed berries spikes up the gentle smooth white chocolate.The finest nuances of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries orchestrates the most delightful symphony for the taste bud.

用優惠碼 "XMAS2023" 購買Magical睡火山朱古力禮盒可獲8折優惠。

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