Life + A: ChocoNext means a place where you can find something special

"ChocoNext means a place where you can find something special. At the beginning, I spent almost a year to think about the design of the packaging and the chocolate flavours. We try to think out the box. It's not just piece of chocolate, it's something else" explains Yip.

Clearly it's this kind of entrepreneurial spirit that Chinachem Group are trying to attract to Central Market, and the company is actively smoothing the path of young business keen to get in front of the venue's wide spectrum of consumers. 

It is this kind of community focused thinking and investment that's attracting the diverse range of business that now populate this bustling Central block, breathing life back into a building that sat dormant for 18 years.

CEO Choi explains the venue's "plug-to-operate" system designed to appeal to small sized and start up retailers, "We put in all the backbond infrastructure so that when tenants come in, they can very quickly operate without spending a lot of capital cost."

Coty Yip 創辦的高級手工朱古力店ChocoNext,可令任何人感到開心。其首座朱古力產品不但美味,賣相更是精緻獨特。她的合作夥伴、著名設計師李永銓也以「優雅的睡火山」形容其招牌產品。Coty說:「ChocoNext喻意遇到非一般的美事。我們的產品,超越普通朱古力。」